Iron Dome Mezuzah and Star Necklace Set


Iron Dome Mezuzah and Star Necklace Set


Mezuzah Dimensions (approximate):

Height: 4.5-5.5 inches

Width: 1.5-2 inches

*All Mezuzahs vary slightly in size and color, as they are all handcrafted.

Necklace Dimensions (approximate):

Height: 24-25 mm

Width: 21 mm

*Complete with blue Swarovski stone


Iron Dome Mezuzah (small) and Star of David necklace set makes for a great, unique gift!

Bring Israel’s heavenly protection into your home with this limited-edition Mezuzah made from an actual Iron Dome missile!

The incredible Iron Dome is Israel’s missile defense system. When rockets are fired into Israel, the Iron Dome shoots a missile to intercept the rocket, preventing destruction and the murder of innocent lives.

Crown your home with Israel’s eternal protection!

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